New Brand- Baby Mori

"MORI 森 or もり means "forest" in Japanese, which is our nod to the purity of nature."

Started by Akin and Cam, two loving uncles who struggled to buy gifts that they felt were really needed but still thoughtful and special.

MORI baby clothes and essentials are carefully crafted for quality, softness and design, using only the most naturally safe and sustainable fabrics. Everything created is crafted for your baby's health, future and comfort first, as well as ease of care. The uncomplicated style and neutral colour palette – inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese style - means that outfits can be mixed & matched, so less time is spent deciding what to put on your little one and they can be passed down from one sibling to another.

MORI uses organic cotton and bamboo, the ideal fabric for a baby’s sensitive skin as it is not only super soft, but it is processed without the use of harmful chemicals, promoting clean air, water and soil.

Voted #1 Sleepsuit by The Independent


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